openABKoffene Schnittstelle zwischen Datenloggern und Displays
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Find advanced information for developers. You might be interested in one of the following topics:

  • General information
  • Actual specification of openABK
  • Make suggestions for improvement and the next release
  • Add openABK to a data logger
  • Build an openABK display

General information

Learn about the concept of openABK. The basic concept can be found here.

Actual specification of openABK

Download the most recent version of openABK specification (pdf). Note that a password is required to prevent abuse. To obtain a password, see the contact section.

Download Spec 1.0 Download Draft Next Release

Make suggestions for improvement and/or the next release

To make suggestions, please contact one of the members in the contact list.

Add openABK to a data logger

If you want to implement the openABK interface to your logger, you can take advantage of the class library written in C++.
For more information, see

Build an openABK display

If you want to build a display which can connect to an openABK server, you can utilize a browser with Java Script or use the C++ code of the openABK client (under development).
For more information, see


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